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bookCoverA Fisher of Slaves

Always having wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father killed in 1759 in the Battle of Quiberon Bay, 13-year-old Nathaniel persuades his reluctant mother to allow him to pursue a career at sea, but owing to a foolish misunderstanding, he serves his apprenticeship on a slave-trading ship. Her new-found horror of the slave trade and fears that her innocent son will be corrupted by it fires an unrelenting desire for its abolition. Her son’s life in a slaver, the horrors of the trade and her struggles to do “something for those poor creatures” are all beautifully woven in the historical novel, A Fisher of Slaves

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As the clouds of World War II gathered, Gertrude, a product of an extramarital liaison, travels to join her father in India and to find her mother. She meets Richard, a naval lieutenant joining his destroyer in Singapore, and they fall in love.

While he is at sea, she finds her mother’s grave and, nettled by the strict etiquette of the Raj, leaves for Ceylon and has a whirlwind week with Richard in Colombo.

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With its intelligent prose, A Fisher of Slaves will not disappoint historical fiction fans who gravitate to Horn blower-style storytelling with a touch of Georgian-era romance. –Foreword Clarion


Theauthor has a keen ear for dialect, but doesn’t overdo it so that it becomes distracting, and the writing is crisp and readable, moving at a steady pace. – Blue Ink Review